Preserved Lemon Peel

I love the concentrated flavour and aroma of preserved lemons. Pictures will do this ingredient no justice but I will attempt to describe its contribution to our cooking. We started preserving the lemons with the intention of using them in the paella. When the lemons are finished they are salty and sweet with an intensely fragrant spiced lemon scent. At our Spanish dinner, we sliced the peel thinly and used it in our paella and used some of the left-over syrup to season our roasted rainbow trout.

The recipe is very simple, it only takes a few weeks to make.

First, peel the lemons, leaving a generous amount of pith on the peel.

Make a mixture of 50% kosher or coarse salt combined with 50% granulated sugar, enough to cover the lemon peels in an appropriate-sized jar. I like to also add some cracked allspice, some fennel seeds and a whole dried chilli or two.

Place alternating layers of peel and the salt-sugar mixture in the jar. Then squeeze the juice out of the peeled lemons into the jars as well. The mixture will form a syrup and may not completely cover the peels. Not to worry! If they are not completely covered just turn the jar over every few days and the peels will be just fine.

Cover and allow to cure for up to 2 weeks at room temperature or 3-4 weeks in the fridge.

When ready to use, trim some of the pith off of the peel using a sharp knife as it may be a little bit bitter.

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