A Night at the Big Tables

Staff Meal will be celebrating family-style eating once again with two giant tables of thirty! This time we will be featuring authentic Eastern European food at the Orange Hall in Old Strathcona. Appetizers will start at 6:30 on Monday, January 16th. Picture an old-fashioned feast in a hall or church; say, somewhere in Romania or Poland. Be prepared for lots of dumplings, sausages, braised meat, crusty bread and perhaps some more offal! Tickets will be $45 each and go on sale December 19th. They will be available through any of the Staff Meal crew so message or email us for details!


About staffmealedmonton

We the chefs of Staff Meal Edmonton intend on showcasing what we would like to see happen within this city’s food industry. We believe that the future of Edmonton’s food scene should be vibrant, interesting, responsible and equitable. Whenever possible we will place an emphasis on nose to tail eating, supporting local farmers and producers, sustainable food practices and we will celebrate the communal act of eating together with friends and family. We hope to continue the conversation about what we eat, how we eat it and why we eat it and hope to challenge those who are passionate about food, the food industry and ourselves to bring our food back to where we all are - our community. View all posts by staffmealedmonton

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